CERTICS - Creditando software. Acreditando no país.


Simple, objective, fast and innovative, CERTICS can be obtained through a process based on the best evaluation practices. Supported by a dedicated platform – CERTICSys, the process is completed in 3 steps. 
- ONLINE REGISTRATION  It is the 1st step.  The interested organization registers its details to begin the process of evaluation in the CERTICSys platform.  In this platform it is possible to complete a simulation of the evaluation of a given software program.  - EVALUATION After registration, the company signs up for an evaluation which involves the preparation and a visit of the CERTICS evaluation appraisers.  During this visit evidence of technological development and innovation of software will be analysed.  The result will be validated by CTI Renato Archer and then communicated to the company.  -	CERTIFICATION The positive result will be sent to SEPIN/MCTI, who are responsible for issuing and publishing the certificate in  DOU – The Official Journal of the Union.
A software evaluation might be obtained in 3 or 4 weeks’ time, depending on the procuring company availabitity to carry out the evaluation process and how complex the software is. The certification also depends on the proceedings at SEPIN.
The contract template is here for consultation.