CERTICS - Creditando software. Acreditando no país.


CERTICSys is the support platform responsible for supporting all phases of the CERTICS evaluation method. It allows part of the evaluation process to be conducted remotely (online), which optimizes the software analysis timeframe.
Designed to manage all stages of an evaluation process, allowing the storage, monitoring and sharing of credit information and evidence relevant to the assessment, the platform supports communication between stakeholders and generates the results of the evaluation. In this link you can download the CERTICSys “User’s Manual” (in portuguese).
For businesses, CERTICSys offers features that allow them to submit a software program for evaluation, provide information about its characteristics and evidence that will allow it to determine whether or not the software is a result of technological development and innovation carried out within the country, and provide visibility for the company throughout the process of evaluation of their software.
Access CERTICSys platform

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